At Lotus Path Wellness Center, our mission is to guide you on your journey to obtain optimum health naturally through a balanced blend of treatments and education.

How Does This System Work? It has been scientifically determined that human beings are actually unique bio-energetic systems. For thousands of years, Oriental Medicine has acknowledged that there is a vital life force that flows through all things which is called “Qi”. In the west, it is often referred to as “energy”.

Dr. Maria offers nutritional and functional nutrition counseling via telephone and Skype. Call to set your appointment today.

Dr. Maria Belluccio, R.N., A.P., D.O.M. (Doctor of Oriental Medicine) brings to her holistic practice a diversity of experience spanning 25 years in all opathic and integrative aspects of healthcare. She has worked in many nursing specialties including Women’s Healthcare, Psychiatry and Hospice care.

Her practice integrates the mind, body and spirit connection to better guide her patients to optimal health.

Professional Education:

  • 1980 – University of Florida, Gainesville, Fl.
    Bachelors’ of Science in Nursing – BSN
  • 1998 – Johnson & Wales-College of Culinary Arts
  • 2002 – The National College of Oriental Medicine
    in Orlando, FL. Bachelor’s degree in
    Health Sciences and a Master’s in Oriental
  • 2002 – Certified as a clinical thermographer
  • Nationally board certified in acupuncture

Areas of Special Interest: 

  • Food and Nutrition
  • Women’s Health Care
  • Pain Management
  • Auto-immune Disease
  • Digestive Disease

Professional Affiliations:

  • NCCAOM – National Certification Commission for
    Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine