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What Is DAO And How Does It Affect Our Health?

Diamine Oxidase is the body’s primary enzyme for breaking down ingested histamine and a natural defense against histamine excess.  If ...
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Do You Battle The Bulge In Menopause??

A very common complaint I hear from my patients is they can’t lose the weight they’ve gained over the last few years no matter what they do. ...
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New Solutions To An Old Problem

Ok, so the holidays are over and it’s time to get down to business for the New Year. For some people it’s a time of optimism and excitement, ...
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My Wife’s Beautiful Nails…And Hidden Risks

You and my wife probably have something in common.  She likes to look good.  So one of the things she does is to polish her nails.  (Do you do ...
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Are You Getting The Right B12 Shot??

The Difference Between Methylcobalamin And Cyanocobalamin These two different B12 forms are very similar. The only chemical ...
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Evidence Based Functional Medicine

5 Important Things To Know About Evidenced Based Functional Medicine

When we try to compare the efficacy of conventional allopathic medicine to functional medicine it leaves us with the dilemma of actually comparing ...
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Is Testing Created Equal?

Not All Food Sensitivity Testing Is Created Equal

  Within the US, approximately 50 million people suffer from allergies at a cost of $18 billion a year. We have seen an increase in food ...
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that insufferable pain!

Bursitis-that insufferable pain!

Bursitis Swelling and Hot Stabbing Pain to the Bursa Do you know anyone who has bursitis or have you ever suffered from the insufferable pain? ...
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Falling Off The Wagon?

Falling Off the Wagon? After a fun weekend away celebrating my third wedding anniversary it was actually a relief to come home and start back on ...
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leaky gut

Are You Remembering To Take Your Probiotics?

Due to modern diets and lifestyles, as well as environmental factors such as pollution and the irresponsible overuse of antibiotics, the beneficial ...
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