side-chinese1Herbal Medicine is itself a powerful method of healing. It has been used in China for centuries to treat conditions quite successfully. The Chinese doctor would know the properties of hundreds of plants, flowers, minerals and animal products and construct a formula for each individual according to their TCM pattern. It goes beyond just symptom control, it helps treat the cause of the dis-ease. Medicinals can treat the branch (signs & symptoms) and the root (causation). The formulas can begin rebalancing the qi, blood, yin and yang. 

The patient may be given a bag of raw herbs that will be decocted in a tea, a bottle of granulated herbs that can be dissolved in water or ground herbs packaged in a pill to be taken several times a day. Herbs are nutrients and therefore generally need to be taken 2-3 times per day. Herbs can fortify our constitution as well as prevent or remedy ailments. The formula will need to be altered or totally changed, as the patient gets better. Herbal formulas are not meant to be taken indefinitely as with some pharmaceuticals. The goal is to rebalance the internal environment to optimize health. 

As with any formula the patient is prescribed, they will be monitored for changes that will tell the practitioner the person is improving. There are very few side effects when taking these medicinals; it is important to consult with a trained herbalist when taking any formula or single herb.