side-appleAt Lotus Path Wellness Center, an important goal is to teach and inspire our patients the building blocks of excellent health. The essential step to starting the process is good nutrition. We believe that most disorders start from indiscriminate eating habits and poor food quality. We start by having every new client keep a seven day food log. This includes fluid as well as food intake. It’s very important that the person be totally honest in what they record so that we can better evaluate what may need to be changed in the diet. Recommendations are then made based on not only the clients food intake but also based on their metabolic type. 

We will assess each persons metabolic type and then outline the type of foods they should be including in their diet to maximize proper body weight and energy. A very important evaluation along with metabolic typing would be food allergy testing using the serum IGg1&4 marker. This can give us information on 90 of the most common foods we ingest. 

Certain supplements may be given to the patient to correct for mineral imbalances. We can assess for imbalances through a very simple hair analysis. Additional information about heavy metal toxicity can also be ascertained from that same test. 

There are other tests that may be recommended for evaluating blood chemistry, essential fatty acid metabolism, amino acid analysis, endocrine imbalances (sex hormone, adrenal, thyroid, pancreatic), digestive functioning through stool analysis and neuroendocrine levels. All the tests can give us an idea of where the main problems are and how we can start correcting for nutritional deficiencies and excesses. 

Clients will be offered the opportunity to take a field trip to the grocery store with Dr. Maria to learn about the value of good food, what to avoid buying and menu ideas. Dr. Maria also offers cooking classes either privately or in a group setting where she enlightens people about how cooking doesn’t have to be complicated or a huge chore. She will teach the basics of cooking, easy and quick menus and inspire even the most novice of cooks to start eating healthier. Bon appetite!