side-weightAt Lotus Path Wellness Center we offer a comprehensive weight management program.  We know that weight loss is a very difficult endeavor for most people.  Our hectic lifestyles and quality of food leads to over-eating the wrong foods that are nutritionally deficient.  We know that fad diets don’t work. Optimally, eating high quality food prepared at home is the best way to control your food intake and ingredients.  When we add stress to the mix, it decreases our bodies ability to utilize energy efficiently  by  the body and sets us up for blood sugar and insulin imbalances that promote weight gain and chronic disease.  The initial visit to our clinic requires a complete health history, metabolic profile questionnaire and a seven day diet log.  This enables Dr.Maria to get an idea of your dietary intake and where the weight issues stem from.

We will also want to look at a comprehensive blood test, complete thyroid blood test, hormone and neurotransmitter levels, food allergy testing and stool testing. Testing will be individualized according to the patient’s issues.

We offer several weight loss programs that include detoxification. Detoxification enhances the body’s ability to cleanse the build- up of toxins and undigested foods and expedites the body’s ability to start burning fat.

As an adjunct to the diet, we offer psychological counseling with Chris Pantzis, LCSW who has had more than thirty years of experience with addictions and mental health issues. This is an important component when dealing with compulsive eating, depression, anxiety and bulimia.

Weekly weigh in is mandatory while on the diet.  Accountability insures success and keeps you motivated and honest about food intake.