Hi Dr. Maria! Hope all is well there. Just wanted to say you were right about the neuroplasticity. I saw you over the summer and decided to try EFT and a neural retraining program, and have since cleared over half of my sensitivities!!! I had no idea how significantly our thoughts affect our biology. I'm sure we'll talk again, but just wanted to say a big thank you. You were the first to point me in the right direction after over 30 other practitioners.

Eternally grateful,

October 1, 2015

Dr. Maria Belluccio at Lotus Path Wellness Center is the best alternative practitioner in Tampa.  Our family has gone to her for over a decade for issues including Hashimotos, fibrocystic breast changes, gastro-intestinal reflux, food intolerances, fatigue, muscular skeletal injuries, allergies, blood sugar problems, menopause, estrogen dominance, high cholesterol, high triglycerides and arthritis-like symptoms.  Each and every time, Dr. Maria was able to LISTEN to our symptoms, provide valuable insights, and recommend individualized tests and treatment.  She took overwhelm and fear out of the equation.  We always feel we have a “health ally,” a professional who is in our court and who provides simplified, clear and—most of all—easily doable lifestyle changes that have made all the difference.  Dr. Maria breaks down the current gluttony of available health information in manageable, digestible bits.  Her protocols have saved our health, time and money. If you are struggling with any health concern, do yourself a favor and book a consult.  It may be the most important decision impacting your long-term health that you ever make!  Ko Dee  May 2015


May 20, 2015

I received a massage on Friday and man oh man was it good!!! I’ve had my share of massages in the past and this was by far the best I’ve ever experienced.
Great service, great value!

September 17, 2013

Dr. Maria has been working with my food allergy issues and I have seen so much improvement. I used to put on clothes in the morning that fit and by mid-afternoon, they felt two sizes too small. I was miserable and now feel healthier and have more energy.

A.M. September 15, 2013

After my first visit I slept great and have been sleeping so wonderfully every since.

Beth September 15, 2013

My name is Jeanette and for the past ten year I have suffered with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, IBS, & Osteoarthritis. Have gone to numerous physicians, taken so much medications; pain pills, inflammatories, etc that I had to get a pill keeper to just keep myself on time. The pain from the fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis has been so debilitating that at one point was using a wheel chair to get around. Could not see myself in a wheel chair so being a determined person that I am lost the wheel chair, however still the pain and fatigue has kept me from doing a lot of things that I really enjoyed doing, like playing golf with my husband, walking stairs, cleaning my home, shopping for any length of time and doing things with my friends. I have knee problems at the present that is so severe that I could hardly walk and had to go thru having five shots which were very painful. I also started having all kinds of problems internally with reflux (developed a hiatal hernia). In the past few months the hiatal reflux was so bad I could hardly eat and at the same time began to have severe problems with the irritable bowel syndrome to the point that the swelling of the stomach was so uncomfortable that I could hardly wear clothes. The intestines were not working hardly at all and at one point ended up in the hospital with what they thought was blockage in the upper intestine. At the request of a dear friend, who knew Dr. Belluccio and because I had tried just about every avenue she suggested that I go see her. With some hesitation I did call and made an appointment. Did not know what to expect because I had never been to someone like Dr. Belluccio but was at the point of desperation and was definite ready to try something different. When I met with her I was very pleasant surprised and so blessed to hear some of the things that she suggested what might be the problems. She has a wonderful, sweet sincere attitude to help anyone that is welling to do what she suggest. With the first appointment I was very surprised to hear that a lot of my problems could be from food allergies which no other medical doctor ever suggested. She did some test on me and started me on some dietary supplements to start that day. I was ready to do exactly what she suggested, when some of the test came back, sure enough there were food allergies so she suggested that I stopped eating those foods and others that irritate the osteoarthritis. I will not say that it was easy because when you are so used to eating all that junk food and anything you want, it is very difficult to stop and re-program your mind and body to eat more healthy, however I did it to the letter and approximately three weeks later I noticed no reflux or pain anymore and as sad as this is, was so excited that the IBS was not preventing my intestines to start working on a daily basis and apparently my gut was starting to heal. My stomach has gone down and I actually have lost seven pounds and getting back into clothes that I was not able to wear before and am beginning to feel like doing things again.

The energy is coming back and even my thinking is getting better (fibro fog). She picked up on the fact that I seemed to be depressed, which I am usually a very positive person but the pain and fatigue had taken its toll on me and I was not really aware of it. I knew that I did not feel like doing anything or being with anyone. This is the best I have felt in years and I have started back to walking and it feels great to get in the fresh air and feel like a human being again. I am so thankful to my friend who gave me Dr. Belluccio's name and so blessed to know the doctor. She genuinely cares for people and wants them to feel better the natural way. Believe me I know because I am a living testimony that her knowledge and suggestions do work if you are committed and determined to help yourself to a cleaner and healthier lifestyle. For this I want to thank her personally for taking the special time, that she does for everyone, to help me.

Thank you Dr. Belluccio, you are the greatest. With Great Admiration and Thankfulness

Jeanette September 15, 2013

When I first came to see Dr. Belluccio in December 2004,1 was on medications for high cholesterol, HR therapy and anti-depressants. After following her advice on diet and nutrition and adding supplements as needed I have been off all medications for over a year. I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking alternative medical care.

Susan Robinson Tampa, FL September 15, 2013

I can't believe it was this quick or this easy. It has been about three weeks and I feel great. I recommend your program, and I have already referred 3 friends. Thanks!

L.T. Tampa, FL September 15, 2013

I was tired every morning, even after 8 hours of sleep. I can't believe that such small changes in my food choices could increase my energy so much. I wake up ready to go go go! Thank You!

M.K. Tampa, FL September 15, 2013

When I first came to Dr. Maria Belluccio in October of 2004, I was suffering from acute acid reflux, frequent bouts of insomnia, and chronic constipation. My daily meds included Prevacid (which was failing), bisoprolol for high blood pressure, estradiol and various over- the- counter sleep remedies and laxatives. Point in fact, I was miserable and did not want to go back to the doctor for an increase in meds. The doctors had been telling me for the previous three years that my digestion problem was due to an over abundance of acid. Maria instructed me to perform a simple homeopathic test to confirm what I suspected all along - I had too little acid and was prescribed the wrong treatment. Through detoxification, acupuncture re-balancing, and a combination of personally prescribed herbs, Maria gradually led me back to a path of wellness. I am now free of pharmaceutical drugs with the exception of a small dose of blood pressure medication. I am sleeping better and my digestive system has improved markedly. This proved to be a huge change in my overall health and I will be forever in Maria's debt for her careful guidance.

Darcy B. Geders - Age 56 September 15, 2013

You have changed my life! Learning more about the holistic approach to my hypothyroidism and life-long struggle with my weight has, literally, changed my life and how I feel. I ask myself every day, “Why did I wait so long to do this?

Kathy Sturgeon September 15, 2013

Thank you so much for my treatment yesterday. I came in with a backache and burning around my trunk - today I'm 95% better! I cant express how important you are to my everyday wellness.

Sheila September 15, 2013

Dear Dr. Maria,

Thank you for the great contribution you have made to my health and well being over these last three plus years.

I was referred to you by another Doctor who felt you could be of assistance especially with my blood pressure; seasonal allergies; and combat PTSD – to name but a few.

I was extremely impressed with your protocol. First you sent me for a battery of tests to ascertain my numerous issues – that also established a baseline for future comparison. After the tests, I went on a three week cleanse – that not only cleansed my system of toxins but also cleared up some other minor issues – such as parasites acquired thru my frequent travels especially to West Africa, Europe and the Caribbean.

I originally enrolled as your patient because of my concern about the serious side-effects of medication provide by the VA Hospital. Although the medications are free for my combat-related conditions, the insidious side effects had a detrimental effect on my health and greatly concerned me and although your modality of Oriental Medicine did not provide the fast “silver bullet”, it did provide great improvement over time and most importantly without the dangerous side effects. Over my three years with you, you have put me on a long-term path to perfect health – the way God provides in nature – and most importantly with no side effects.

Thank you.

“TalkingBeer” – (my internet name) September 15, 2013