side-therm3Purpose of test:

  • For the early detection of lesions and vascular changes
  • To identify an abnormal area for further diagnostic testing
  • To provide objective evidence
  • To define a previously diagnosed injury or condition
  • Assists in determining cause of pain
  • To evaluate soft tissue injury or sensory-nerve irritation
  • To evaluate progress of current healing modalities and their effectiveness

Description of test:

  • Time for test: 15-45 minutes depending on which scan is desired
  • It is important for your skin temperature to equilibrate to a roomtemperature to between 68-72 degrees. You will be asked to sit in the room until temperatures patterns equalize to the room.
  • Thermograms can range from breast scan to full body and areasof interest.
  • All clothes and jewelry will be removed over area to be scanned.A gown will be provided for patient comfort until scan commences.

Additional tests and studies:

  • There may be additional studies recommended to establish a precise diagnosis.

Time before test results available:

  • Time can vary from 3-5 days in reporting. Scans are read by doctors Board Certified in Thermology.
  • Special circumstances can dictate reports read in 24 hours fora nominal fee.